About CMC UK

CMC UK Ltd exists to facilitate and improve cocoa trade transactions between the Cocoa Marketing Company Ghana Ltd and its clients across the globe. We do this by creating a conducive platform through which our clients interface with us. Our uniqueness is the excellent supply of premium quality cocoa beans which makes us stand tall in the global cocoa economy. We are committed to creating value through excellent cocoa trade systems.


CMC UK Ltd a subsidiary of the Cocoa Marketing Company Ghana Limited has earned the reputation, trust and respect of our clients within the global cocoa economy for having a great operation structure, people and for providing excellent service to our clients through the sale and delivery of quality cocoa beans from Ghana. Aside from this, we bring along passion, pride and an excellent service ethos to our operations. 


It is our conviction that the interests of our clients, employees, financial stakeholders, supply chain partners and the general society are best served by our high-quality standards through the value chain. This makes us stand out among our competing peers. Our supply chain has various opportunities for investment and initiating a discussion may lead to a potential business relationship to our mutual benefit.

Our core corporate values reflect how we interact with our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. Each stakeholder is held accountable for the role they play in creating a company that stands tall within the global cocoa economy.


Whether you are an existing client or potential one, we look forward to a great working relationship.


Our Core Values

Our business rest on these core values

  • Integrity: We execute our business in a very transparent and honest manner with fairness to all our clients. None of our operations is shrouded in secrecy.

  • Understanding: We appreciate, care, respect, show compassion and humane to our colleagues and clients across the globe, and ensure what we do benefit the communities we serve.

  • Excellence: We continue to supply the highest quality of cocoa beans through ensuring the daily routine work along the value chain is of the highest standards. This also reflect in the services we provide.

  • Unity: We work cohesively with our colleagues in CMC Ghana Ltd and the Ghana Cocoa Board and with our clients and partners around the globe to build strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual co-operation and respect.

We are responsible and sensitive to the countries, communities and environments in which we work, always ensuring we invest back into the communities and people in diverse ways.Since the 2016/17 cocoa session, the industry has seen significant decline in prices. However, CMC UK with its parent organizations (CMC Ghana Ltd and Ghana Cocoa Board) in Ghana has demonstrated the strength of respecting its core values. There are indication of this trend may continue in the short-term but we have the talent and determination to overcome it.