Our Work

CMC UK performs the following functions;

  • Gather and analyse market information for the attention of C.M.C (GH) Ltd.
  • Link-up with relevant stakeholders and other organisations in UK/Europe for mutual benefits.
  • Represent Ghana at various Cocoa and Coffee Meetings and ensuring that credentials for such meetings are in order.
  • Consult with various Commodity Trading Houses which are Registered Buyers of the parent company on matters of mutual interest.
  • Maintain close link with the International Cocoa Organisation, International Coffee Organisation and other organisations of which Ghana is a member. As a member of the Federation of Cocoa Commerce (FCC) and as a member of the Contracts and Regulations Committee and Alternate member of the Council of the Association, it is expected that you attend meetings and events of the Federation.
  • Provide relevant information to potential buys who make market enquiries and facilitate the issuance of buying license.
  • Collect cocoa proceeds through;
    1) Monitoring the progress of document presentation and proceeds collection at Ghana International Bank, London.
    2) Accessing and requesting for outstanding payments reports and proactively contacting buyers to settle overdue payments and liaising with the Ghana International Bank (GhIB) on all issues relating to collections.
    3) Serving as Agent of Ghana Cocoa Board/CMC for the Trade Finance Loan and facilitating the deal arrangement and repayment process.
    4) Any other schedules assigned from time to time by the Parent Company and Ghana Cocoa Board or any of its Subsidiaries.
  • Monitor and gather market reports daily on Cocoa, Coffee and the currency markets via Reuters Service in the office and from other sources and transmit them to CMC Accra. Continuous contact is made with the Trading Room either on telephone or email on issues pertaining to marketing as requested.
  • Liaise with the shipping/ documentation department in Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company Ghana on buyers’ complaints regarding shipping documents.
  • Participate in international organisations trade fairs and conferences.